Besuch einer Montessori-Lehrerin aus Jakarta

A couple of days before my 50th, I, Sony Vasandani, was blessed with the opportunity to meet children and teachers of Futura Indonesia in Lombok.
Futura Indonesia embraces Montessori and educates children of lower socio-economic background in their community between the ages 3 to 11 years (TK and SD). Gabriele Swoboda is the founder of this school.
I observed 8 year olds working on complex mathematical problems: the square of 36, 7 digit subtraction, multiplication and division. In addition, 6 year olds were engrossed in the strategic game of chess, reading and writing in cursive. They owned their learning: chose their materials, worked independently under the guidance of very respectful and soft spoken teachers
Teachers didn’t have to instruct how to behave. During lunch, these children took turns, served themselves, cleaned their plates and spoons and placed them back independently too. .
I believe these children are luckier and way ahead with their holistic learning than most children who live their lives with technology but till going to schools that teaches using the conventional system.